Free Literature

There is always a large variety of free literature available covering a wide spectrum of scriptural and moral issues. A selection below is available directly from this website.

The Miracle of the Bible 
Modern scepticism has developed popular opinion to discredit the Bible, and leads people to believe that it is full of contradictions and errors. This booklet challenges that view and presents the Bible as a Word of Power - a Divine Library with a sense of purpose. Don't just leave your Bible unread. Take up the challenge for yourself and find out what God has written for you.

The Bible our Guide 
The Bible our Guide is a booklet giving a whole host of Bible quotations to support a wide variety of Bible subjects and aspects of its teaching. It covers the following issues: 'The Bible', 'Human Nature', 'The Future of the Righteous', 'The State of the Dead', 'The Return of Christ to the Earth', 'Jesus the King', 'The Kingdom of God', 'The Source of Sin', 'God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit', 'Faith in Jesus Christ', 'Taking up the Cross', 'True Baptism', 'The Christian Life', 'Resurrection and Judgement', 'The Glorious End'. It is essential reading for anyone who is seriously interested in finding Bible truth.

Life on Earth 
This leaflet containts a discussion of where we came from looking at the cases for evolution and divine design. Scientific facts are used alongside scripture to provide 'evidence' of the case for creation.

The Bible and Medicine 
Scripture contains many descriptions of what we now see as modern medical techniques. This booklet looks at examples of how scripture was ahead of its time.

Christ in the Old Testament

Who are the Christadelphians?

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