The Bible

In the UK, copies of the Bible are readily available – in all shapes and sizes and versions! Most bookshops will have a religious section with Bibles on sale. There must be a good market for Bibles because new translations regularly appear. You can also read and download from the Internet any number of different versions and translations.

But despite this abundance, ask most people about Abraham, or Moses, or David or Isaiah, or Peter, or Paul – and how much can they tell you? How much could you recount of the fascinating and inspiring lives of these great figures of faith? And what about Jesus? You may have an idea about his birth, because it comes up at Christmas, and you probably know how he died, as it gets mentioned amongst the Easter eggs. But do you really know why he came and what he set out to achieve? Have you any idea if there is any substantial evidence for the belief that he rose from the dead? 

Why should you bother to find out? Because if the Bible is in fact the word of God, then clearly it deserves our attention! If you read it you will learn what those faithful men believed. You will learn the real truth about Jesus and his teaching. Once we discover how he will change our troubled world, then if we can be convinced it will happen, it can make all the difference to how we cope with life now and prepare for life then.

But how can you find out if the Bible IS the word of God? By taking a closer look! That’s where we can help. Christadelphians provide free resources for people to learn about the wonderful message of the Bible. We have a range of courses and guides to the Bible that can help you find your way around it and discover its treasures.

The Bible is relevant to today
One of the convincing things about the Bible is the way it has foretold the future so accurately. Do you realise that you can make sense of the world in which we live by taking a closer look at prophecy? Did you know that the complex and difficult situation between Israel and the Arab nations is foretold in the Bible? Did you know that Jesus spoke of a time when many people would be worried to death about the future, or alternatively, burying their heads in the sand and just living for the present?  By taking a closer look you can understand better what’s going on and find an assurance about what the future holds - for you personally and for the world.

The Bible is full of wisdom.
It contains much practical advice about healthy living and positive relationships. Many of the laws from Moses’ time are the bedrock of public health. Jesus shows that to be happy we need to learn from him the secret of peaceable living. The Bible shows us what we can do to rid ourselves of guilt and negative feelings and how to find that peace of mind that passes all understanding. Why not take a closer look for yourself? ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!’

We live in a world where pleasure and pain coexist. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. We look around at deeply disturbing scenes of suffering - sometimes because of vile behaviour or heartless cruelty, sometimes the consequence of life’s agonising twists or natural disasters. We may be struggling with some challenging situation in our own lives. We can easily be perplexed and dispirited. What hope is there? Take a closer look at the Bible! There you can find the reason for suffering and death; there you can learn that God knows and cares, that He wants us to learn of a better way, that we can find a true hope to sustain our spirits.

The number of religions and churches is bewildering. Understandably, many people give up. Maybe you are thinking, “I’ve heard it all before!” But, to be honest, what you hear is often far removed from the Truth. If you want to know the Truth, take a closer look at the Bible! If you don’t have much faith but can see how helpful it would be to have more, take a closer look at the Bible and increase your faith! If you definitely believe in God and would like to know Him better and if you want to understand what the gospel of Jesus is really all about, take a closer look at the Bible!